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# About Me


I'm a grown man who has a strong commitment to learning, especially in the development of the website. I am a person who is not a quitter and has a tremendous zest for life.

So far I'm known as being quiet by many people, but I am very passionate for the happiness of people who are around me.

# Projects

I'm doing project

# Skills

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I often finish a variety of websites that are ordered by individuals or organizations. And expertise in managing the website so far :

PHP & MySql
  • Doing business in the field of web since 2009
  • Understanding the criteria of ease and good interface
  • Doing SEO monetize on the website finished created

# Portfolio

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# Contact

If you need me in terms of workmanship website or other portal, please contact me via the email form or call directly.

  • 15 Babakan St, Depok City, West Java, 16954 Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 899 1361 466
  • Site: www.sllz.web.id
  • Email: sogellizer@gmail.com

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